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SUBNOVii:  New frontiers in wrinkle tightening




Living in the South as we do there is almost constant exposure to sun on our face year-round.  That sun exposure, those UV rays that we so loved as teens and young adults not only tanned us but over time destroyed the structure of the skin and resulted in …….wrinkles and sagging skin.  YUK. 


There are a lot of skin products on the market.  Creams with antioxidants, creams with collagen, moisturizers, all are very good and give you a good temporary fix for your daily routine but the underlying problem still exists…damaged collagen in the skin caused by sun, smoking, nutritional problems and, yes, aging. 


For years medical devices have been used to cause micro damage to the skin which triggers the body to produce its own collagen to heal and tighten the damaged skin you have.  Chemical peels are widely used to peel the surface of the skin with superficial remodeling resulting over the next 5-7 days with no down time.   Micro-needling is one such device that places small pin-point punctures over the skin and in turn triggers that reaction in the skin to heal itself and tighten.  It is widely used and when combined with collagen serums or platelets can help in reducing fine lines on the face and neck.  A step up is using laser devices that mimic the pen but do so with increased energy and depth control, giving a better tightening to more damaged areas.  For years many devices have been on the market, some that gradually tighten over several treatments and some more powerful ones that will fully ablate the skin and trigger a more intense resurfacing, involving some down time.  Now a new device is on the scene and is remarkable.


Plasma pens have been out for a couple years and involve a stream of energy from the tip of the device that not only stimulates the skin collagen but results in a partial resurfacing of the treated area.  A series of dots are put in the treatment area with some scabbing noted initially but a remarkable tightening and refreshing of the area.  Subnovii plasma pen has just been FDA approved in late 2019 and has now upped the game once again.  Subnovii uses a patented LF or low frequency technology that is showing improved results with less downtime.  It’s a game changer in the skin tightening world.  Stubborn loose skin on the eye lids, crow’s feet, around the mouth and jaw line are showing remarkable results in just one treatment.  By strategically treating above the outer brow many patients are getting a nice brow lift especially if combining it with upper eye lid treatment. 


There are so many treatments available now that can give you the improved younger skin you so desire.  From creams and peels to resurfacing badly damaged skin, these are all achievable with minimal to no downtime.  Even with these advances, though, always remember the most and best skin product for your skin…..SUNSCREEN.  Respect your skin. 

Dr. Edward ODell

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